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Finished 'Heron' seat top & bottom

 Classic Mesquite

 Classic Mesquite Ranch

natural edge Headrest, Maple, Ivory, Ebony

 'Texas Crown'

Texas Honey Mesquite




'Crown' Bastogne Walnut



 Crwon RR Claro Walnut


Custom wooden Rocking  Chairs $5,500 up

'Queen Lenor' Argentine Mesquite

'Ranch Burl' Argentine Mesquite with Burl in the Headrest

' Classic Ranch' Tiger Maple

 Crown Classic Mesquite

 Classic Ranch Hawaiian Curly Koa

with Ivory accents

 Classic Crown

Claro Walnut




 Crown Mesquite rocker  

Claro Walnut inset & Ivory, Ebony, Maple accents

 Duchie' Classic ranch

Argentine Mesquite

 CustomRocking Chairs and home accents

 Classic Ranch Hawaiian Koa

 Classic Mesquite

 Classic Ranch Tiger Maple Burled Maple Headrest

 My molded glass in a Claro Walnut 

'Crown' Headrest

 Black Mesquite

accents, Ivory, Ebony & Maple

 Crown Ranch

Claro Walnut, Ivory

Ebony, Maple

 Crown Classic

Claro Walnut


Rocking chairs  page

'Ranch Burl' Argentine Mesquite with Burl in the Headrest

 Brown Argentine Mesquite.  Mesquite is two and a half times stronger than Oak. It takes a finish like glass. I use a lot of Mesquite

 One of my shows


 Claro Walnut 'Crown' with Ebony, Ivory & Maple accents


' Heron Classic' in work, Claro Walnut, glass, Ivory, Ebony

 Crown Jewel


 Garden Classic

Argentine Mesquite

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