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 > Wow and ooooh, that is really grand 

Absolutely gorgeous, and comfortable looking too

-- Don, Royersford, PA 


> Your chairs are fantastic! I spent the afternoon sanding a couple of gunstocks. The curves on my stocks look so very much like the curves on your rockers. Thanks again for putting the free class on your website. -- Hal, Tennessee 


 > Wow i’m just about speechless, those are both materpieces 

 >  lovely well done love them both  5 out of 5 stars 


> Nice work. I like the inclusion on the head rail. That’s a nice touch. n  Mel


>WOW! Those are amazing. I love that wood. It looks a lot like Texas mesquite but is absolutely gorgeous. I knew you made beautiful chairs but the clock is really over the top. The live edge on the chair back makes it very special.

 >  Your beautiful rocker needs it’s own project page. It’s one of the most beautiful chairs I’ve seen!



Bill, "As of this evening, the chair has found its home in my living room. Congratulations, it's the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in and fits me like a glove.  I have a slight "sway" back and it gives me excellent lower back support.  Arms, height, everything is perfect.  It's an object of great beauty and we have been walking around it admiring its form as well as the gorgeous timber, especially
the fiddle-back on the seat and the tonal variation from almost black to the warm honey color in Walnut


> Hi Bill, Hello from a former client and friend from the past John McGivern. I’m writing just to “say” hello, I'm still loving my beautiful rocker.

"WOW!  Your rocking chairs are beyond beautiful.  We live in Reno, NV, but we've owned a condo in Hawaii for the last 12 years, so Koa wood is something we really appreciate! Your Koa rocker is breathtaking!. You are truly a very, very gifted artist!  No doubt - No question. All I can say is WOW!  I'm beyond impressed! I just wanted to say WOW!  You have a true talent and the people who get your rockers are blessed with such beauty!"                                       Cindy          

> "This is Chris in Las Vegas, right now I am sitting in, probably the world's most beautiful rocking chair. Unique in so many ways and beautifully built. Balanced, finished, just an absolute exquiste work of art. The 'Vegas Crown' is beautiful. You did a fabulous job, Bill, I jsut have to let you know what I am sitting in it and it is a perfect fit. Thank you so much for everything..."

  A telephone message I received after shipping a custom rocker "I can't believe how emotional I am about my new rocking chair. I never believed I would find a chair to fit me" "Wow simply beautiful, a work of art" Ralph

"Hi Bill, Argentine Mesquite "Duchie" "It is a beauty. Finally, my chair arrived. I call it Marilyn Monroe: in your arms i want to die. thanks again for your precious work. Perfect. I feel like the little kid who always wanted to drive a Rolls Royce and, suddenly, it is parked in front of your house, hand-made and all. The greatest Christmas gift with my very best regards and also, my very best season" El 'Duchie Classic' Mewquite From a Doctor in Germany

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Bill, this is Dr.----in Germany. I received my rocker today the 'Dutchie' I love it so much I named it 'Marylyn Monroe' because I want to die in its arms.

Custom 'Office Chair' Argentine Mesquite

 'Crown Queen Lenore' Argentine Mesquite

 'Crown Queen' Argentine Mesquite, Ivory, Ebony, Maple

 'Aussie classic' Argentine Mesquite

 'Dutchie Classic Ranch'  Argentine Mesquite

 Classic, Bastogne Walnut Ivory, Ebony Maple

Custom Rocking Chairs   

 'Crown Jewell' Claro Walnut, Ivory, Ebony, Maple molded glass, Burled  Mesquite

 'Garden Ranch Classic' natural edge Argentine Mesquite, Ivory, Ebony, Maple

 'Classic Ranch' Hawaiian curly Koa, Ivory, Ebony. Made the 'Backslats' to simulate leaves.

 Black Mesquite Ivory, Ebony & Maple

 'Crown' Claro Walnut Ivory, Ebony, Maple

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