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Full Seminar manual we use in my classes as well as  the full size patterns:

This manual comes in three files because the file is too large to be sent in one file. It has a lot of pictures and all the new up grades; about 70 pages. Also available are the full size patterns with jigs and are the same patterns I use for my rockers. Click on the 'Add to Cart' below for the full manual and patterns.

$50 for both.    Send an email to and I will send you the info you want.



Send me an email for the Free texton how to build a Maloof style rocking chair. Code #FR11 Send your emails addresed to me at

   Semi-Built Rocker     Code # 23  (not available just now)

Semi Rocker:

If you would like me to semi complete a rocker the cost is $4,500 for Argentine Mesquite plus packaging & freight. Or add the cost of some exotic wood species you choose. You receive an assembled rocker plus the Backslats and Headrest parts plus the instruction manual. l will rough cut and assembled the rocker except for the Headrest and Backslats. You finish the rocker by shaping in the arm, leg and Headrest joints, then finish sanding. The Headrest and slats will have to be mounted after you finish sanding them. My instructions will give complete details about how to mount the Backslats and Headrest. The Backslat holes are drilled in the seat and Headrest. The Backslats will be sized with the tenon for both ends cut. The Headrest will be pre-fitted to the legs and Backslats, but will need to be sanded and glued in place. This is a good way to get a new rocker and still have the pride of your own work. call (435-283-3193) or email  Code # 23 for semi rocker info.   


 Rocker Kits---Build Grandpa's Rocker 

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Until stock lasts I have some Claro and Bastogne walnut, from the same stock Sam Maloof was shipped originally , which I will be selling for $8,500 for the cut kit parts. 

The pictured rocker is made with Bastogne walnut. The kit rocker can be made in this style or others.  If accents, such as, Ivory, Ebony, Maple, Myrtle etc. are wanted they can be provided withsmall additional charges.