Rocking Chairs,

in the 'Sam Maloof' style

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Sam Maloof's

 Cradle rocker $ 12,000

 A walnut side chair like this Sam Maloof style armed side chair is $7,000

 A Tiger maple Double Rocker' like this Sam Maloof style rocker is $12,500

 A walnut 'Settee" like this Sam Maloof style two place chair is $7,500

 A rocker like this Sam Maloof style rocker in walnut and many other woods for $10,500

 A maple rocker like this Sam Maloof  style 'Petite' or child rocker is $10,000


Bill Kappel: 
Handcrafting the finest rockers, available today, in the Sam Maloof style; made to order.

 The following items are from the Sam Maloof collection and are published in memory of one of the finest  'woodworkers' of my day. Sam Maloof said he loved the term 'woodworker'  "it was honest".

 With the passing of Sam Maloof I will now duplicate any of Sam Maloof's furniture items. Even better I will combine any style or fashion a new style for you. You may choose any of the worlds woods domestic or exotic.

With more than sixty years of woodworking I can make whatever wooden furniture you want.

Give me a call and we can talk about your idea:   Bill Kappel, 435-283-3193


Tel: +1.435-283-3193 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, Saturday By Appointment 

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