'THerin rocker' made of Bastogne Walnut

with molded glass, Ebony, Ivory and Tiger

Maple.   $12,500  

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Argentine Mesquite $10,500  Sold

  Classic' style in Myrtle wood in a 'petite' size. 

$11,000    Sold

 My Flagship rocker $15,500    Sold
This is a custom design not found on any other rocking chair.

"Crown Jewell "  style rocking chair

This rocker is made with premium Claro Walnut with accents of molded sculptured glass, Ivory, Ebony, Maple and Burled Mesquite. Custom sized and balanced. The Backslats are shaped in the 'Full moon bow tie style.

They don't come any better than this rocking chair.



'Crown'Queen Lenore"  style rocking chair; 

This rocker was made for a special quality furniture patron named "Lenore".

They have three of my rockers plus a clock in their beautiful home in Beverly Hills, CA. 

A rocker like this one made of Argentine Mesquite is available for custom order.

$12,500   Sold

  Garden Classic"  Argentine Mesquite wood.

This rocking chair was made to dress the new addition of a 'garden room' overlooking the tennis court, gardens and pools of their yard around their lovely Spanish style home, in Beverly Hills Ca. The natural edge on the top of the Headrest is used to complement the garden room theme. 

A rocker like this one made with Mesquite is available on custom order.

$11,500  Sold


A rocker like this "Classic Ranch Estate" , in Tiger Maple with burled Maple headrest and Accents of Ivory, Ebony and burled Mesquite.  . I will only make ten of these rockers with the burled Maple Headrest.

  $10,500 plus crate & frt.



This Sam Maloof style rocking chair style is custom sized and balanced to the patrons' specifications. All parts are sculptured using fine woodworking techniques.

Classic rocker. Or Modern  rocking chair has become "The rocking Chair" of our age.

This rocker is made using Claro Walnut with accents of Ivory, Ebony & Maple.

$12,000   Sold



 Classic:  genuine Hawaiian curly flame Koa with accents of Ebony & Ivory now redides in Hawaii.

The Backslats are carved to simulate leaves. One like this in Koa is available on custom order

$14,500   Sold



"Texas Crown" style rocking chair made using Texas Honey Mesquite.

My "Crown" series is an exclusive style of my handcrafted rocking chairs as designer rockers for Heirloom furniture.

Because this is a 'Texas Crown" I thought bowed front legs would be appropriate.

$10,500    Sold





Custom Rocking Chairs 

 Claro Walnut Headrest

 Three Headrest of the many I make



"Aussie Classic' style rocking chair. Made with black Argentine Mesquite.

This wooden rocking chair was build for a musician in Australia. You might call him a 'wood rocker'.

On this rocker you can see the special treatment on the bottom of the seat. This is not just a flat bottom seat. All my rockers have this special contoured seat. It takes extra time, but a quality rocking chair should be treated special.

A rocker like this one is for custom order

$10,500  Sold


"Deutsche  Ranch"

This Argentine Tiger Mesquite handcrafted rocker was made for a Doctor in Germany. This is another style only available from my Heirloom Furniture collection.

A rocker like this one is available on custom order.

$11,500  Sold


Any of the following style custom rocking chairs can be ordered in special woods from around the world with accents such as Ivory, Ebony, Burl etc.  This custom design can come with a variety of styles shown below even a one-of-a-kind designed  rocking chair just for you. The Headrest can take on a variety of shapes as well as the arm treatment (note the front of the arm of the "Deutsche Classic"). Of course they are sized and balanced as requested. Many  features noted in my other rockers can be incorporated. Just ask. Starting price $10,000 and up.

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 These four pictures are samples of 'Bastogne' Walnut used on this 'Herin Rocker'.


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Bastogne Walnut, Ranch front leg


Custom 'Office Chair' Argentine Mesquite Sold

 "Crown'  Classic: Bastogne Walnut  

Ebony, Ivory, Maple accents

$12,500    Sold

"Reader Rocker' made of Claro Walnut with

molded glass, ebony, Ivory and figured Maple.

$ 14,500     Sold


Argentine Mesquite with 'Ranch' front leg.Burled Maple in Headrest. $11,800  plus crate & frt.