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 'Jewell'  molded glass

 Bastogne Walnut in a Mesquite 'Crown' Headrest

 Heron molded glass

 Claro Walnut

 Argentine Mesquite

 Sample woods in stock


You can choose the wood you prefer of my stock of Claro or Bastogne Walnut, Argentine Mesquite, Texas Honey Mesquite or Tiger Maple.

I will be glad to use other woods such as Hawaiian Curly Koa, Myrtle or any of the World's woods.

Woods not in stock may cost a bit extra depending on the wood species.

To add a custom molded glass inlayt is one thousand dollars US extra. You may choose one of the style I have created such as the 'Jewell', 'Heron', 'Swordfish', 'Sailfish',  'Elk', 'Bison', 'Horse', 'Honeysuckle Humming Bird', 'Peacock'', or have a new image designed just for you. The wood inlays is no extra cost.

 Custom  five foot Wall Clock start at $8,500

You may choose any of the woods I have in stock such as Claro, Bastogne Walnut, Argentine, Texas Mesquite or Tiger Maple. Other woods can be selected from most anywhere in the World at extra cost such as Hawaiian Curly Koa, Myrtle, etc.

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 Argentine Mesquite, natural edge Headrest

 Tiger Maple with Burled Maple Headrest

 Mesquite is two and a half times stronger than Oak and takes a polish almost like glass. This wood is one of my favorites.

 Myrtle wood

 Bastogne Walnut

 Prices, Rocking Chairs 


Custom made wooden rocker $ 5,500 up

 Bastogne Walnut with 'Crown Jewell" molded glass insert with Ivory, Ebony, Burled Mesquite accents.

 Texas Honey Mesquite

Inlay Images