My Flagship rocker

"Crown Jewell' made of

Claro Walnut, Ivory, Ebony

molded glass, Maple

Burled Mesquite accents



My flagship "Crown Jewell"   pictured to  the left Custom wooden rocking chair with my 'Ranch' front leg. Made using Claro Walnut and accented with my own molded glass, Ivory, Ebony, Burled Argentine Mesquite and  Maple.




billkappelusa@gmail.com__  Bill Kappel 1115 s  100 e Ephraim, Ut 84627 __. 435-283-3193 or (801)592-3392

My molded glass insert for the 'Crown Jewell'

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custom rocking chairs

 I developed my 'Crown' style  Headrest because on an airplane, when you want to be comfortable, you ask for a pillow to support you head. A little support behind your head is more relaxing, thus the 'Crown'.


Fine custom rocking chairs handmade by Bill Kappel " The Rocking Chair Guy"

Bill Kappel working wood for over 60 years in the Old World 'Masters' waymaking custom wooden rocking chairs



Tel: +1.435-283-3193 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, Saturday By Appointment 

Lifetime guarantee    on all rockers

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 When you want the 'Best' you can count on 'The Rocking Chair Guy' Bill Kappel to make the worlds finest  custom rocking chairs.